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Greg M

I sent this in an email to the author.

Typical of current right wingers, you assert that all ideas should be discussed, but then complain when right wing ideas are criticized. You assert in your own words that Bill Cosby was "criticized" and Rick Santorum was "ridiculed". That's what an open marketplace of ideas is supposed to allow. Some ideas are flawed and will face criticism, which is exactly what happened to Mr. Cosby's overly simplistic view of poverty. Some ideas are so ludicrous or hypocritical, they deserve ridicule. Mr Santorum compared homosexuality to bestiality and asserted that the Boston priest/pedophilia cases were so bad because Boston is a liberal city. In neither instance did he make any effort to support these assertions, he simply stated that at face value(less). Thus he was ridiculed. We won't even discuss the ethics hypocrisy he practiced regarding his residence, schools, and money. As far as their ideas being censored from the marketplace, last time I checked, both are still able to gain a public forum to air their ideas.

Regarding the evolution case in Dover. It was a conservative, Bush appointed judge who shot down the creationist case. The candidates were elected because they promised to curb spending and provide fiscal responsibility to the school system. They then tried to push their pro-religious agenda. Not only did the court not find their ideas of value, but their very constituents voted out all who were up for reelection (8 of the 9 I believe), so in the marketplace of ideas, their idea was found lacking once the full truth was revealed. I will also only briefly mention the absurdity of asking high school students to fully comprehend and honestly come to legitimate conclusions about a subject their being introduced to for the first time.

You also misrepresent the incident of Bob Casey being denied the pulpit at the 1992 Democratic National Convention. He wasn't allowed to speak because he would not endorse the presidential candidate, not for his anti-abortion views. Six other anti-abortion speakers did take the podium.

Why do right wingers need to be so dishonest to get their views across? You misrepresented most of the facts and examples you provided. If you state that you didn't know the full details behind these incidents, then you make my argument for me. No one person can know everything about everything. Thus, when ideas that are false, or ill concieved are thrust upon the market place, it is our duty as American citizens to criticize them and drive them from the floor. To criticize this is both un-American and intellectually dishonest. Dishonest, it seems we've come full circle.

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