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A satisfying article, in a way.


In #2 you say "we can" improve various government programs in various ways, but the truth is all we can do is ask Congress to. You could get 200 million Americans to sign a petition to lift the benefit cap on Social Security, and the Republican congress probably still wouldn't do it, because ideology.

Then you end with "whatever we make happen" is what will happen. You say a lot about what we should think or say, but nothing about HOW we can make anything happen other than ideas like "be ten times as loud" but the only thing that makes happen is it makes your throat sore. What can we do that will actually make anything good happen other than voting for better candidates in the next election? I wish I knew.


I would love to vote Green, but doing so splits progressives and leaves right-wingers in power. Getting Democrats to move back toward their progressive working class roots is the only practical answer. Bernie Sanders understood that and ran as a Democrat.

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